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"1. CONGRATULATIONS Mr. Rahul Singh of mechanical Engineering for Achieving Gold Medal for over all Academic Performance in Examinations of GGSIPU.   2. CONGRATULATIONS to our B.Tech 3rd year Computer Science student, Shashank Rustagi, for securing IV rank in GGSIPU and Ist rank in JEMTEC 3.CONGRATULATIONS Aman Kanungo from ME department 2018 was selected by Think & Learn Bijus Pvt. Ltd.. Profile - Business Development Associate: Package - 10 LPA

Workshops & Seminars

Faculty Development Programme on “Legal Research and Research Paper Writing

School of Law, JEMTEC organized an FDP on 'Research Methodology and Research Paper Writing' for faculties across all departments of JEMTEC campus on 5-7 December, 2018 under the guidance of Prof. (Dr.) K.K.Geetha, Dean School of Law. Resource persons were Mr. Aniruddha Ghosh is CFA, level 2 certified and research scholar at IIFT (Indian Institute of foreign trade) having R-stats certification from IIT, Kanpur and Dr. Sujith Koonan, he is an Asst. Professor at campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. He completed his PhD from SOAS – University of London, where he was a recipient of SOAS Doctoral Research Scholarship.

A Foundation Program on Data Science

Department of BCA & CSE organized a workshop on “A foundation program on Data Science using Statistica” on 17th August 2017 at JIMS Engineering Management Technical Campus, Greater Noida for BCA &B.Tech. 2nd and 3rd year students. The speaker was Mr.Sujeet Mishra from GridAnalytics(Formerly StatSoft India). StatSoft India is now GRID Analytics India Private Limited, since 2006 StatSoft India is engaged in analytics product sales, professional training, consulting services &customization using an advanced platform software Statistica. StatSoft India brings over 5000 users & 200 sites trust into our engagement, our customers are virtually representative from every Industry, however they specialize in higher education by designing, architecturing& setting for advanced analytics, data science lab to support their academic & research environment. They also help & support industries & corporation for setting & scaling-up advanced/predictive analytics platform as a differentiating  capability  best suited for their environment.Faculty coordinators for organizing this workshop were Dr. Arun Kumar Chaturvedi (Dean BBA-BCA) andDr.RuchiAgarwal (HOD-BCA).

Cloth Donation Drive

As the name suggest we have distributed cloths to poor labors who were working on a building nearby United College of Engineering and Research, Greater Noida through the permission of our Dean Mr. Devendra Jha, HOD Sir Mr. R.N. Rajotiya and NSS activity Coordinator Mrs. Tanmeet Kaur on 18th April 2017. Through this cloth donation activity, our attempt was to collect all those cloths which were of no use to us and by donating them to the needy there would be no wastage and it shall in return cover and protect another person's body from different climatic conditions. Everyone have for some cloths which are not being used by them for some reasons or other. Donating them to those who can't afford much of our privileges is what we all shall do to empower and protect every soul. We fell extremely happy and encouraged to perform activity like this whenever possible.

5th Intra – Class Moot Court Competition, 2017, 4th, 6th and 7th April, 2017

JIMS, School of Law organized 5th Intra – Class Moot Court Competition, 2017 on 4th, 6th and 7th April, 2017 as Part of PSDA of Law of Tort (Medical Negligence) and Law of Crimes. It was an effective and successful Moot Court Competition having total of 61 teams participating. One team comprised of 3 members and consequently it was full fledged Competition with a huge number of participants bringing it to the number of 183 participants in total. Moot Problem was on Medical Negligence enhancing knowledge of participants on Consumer Laws, Torts and Clubbing Matters in Supreme Court. Inaugural Ceremony along with Draw of Lots and Exchange of Memorial was conducted on the first day. Inaugural was a boosting step for the participants in which Dr. K. K. Geetha (Dean) and Dr. Ramesh Kumar (Moot Court Convener) elaborated importance of Moot Court Competition and encouraged the participants blessing them with luck for the Competition. Researchers Test was conducted for evaluating researchers and making them familiar with different facets of legal provisions. Competition had 4 rounds: Preliminary Rounds, Quarter- Final Rounds, Semi- Final Rounds and Final Round. 61 teams participated in Preliminary Rounds out of which 16 teams qualified for Quarter – Final Rounds. Participants were judged on various grounds like knowledge of facts and law, originality, time management etc. in both the rounds. Preliminary and Quarter – Final Rounds were a great success. Later on out of which 4 teams qualified for Semi – Final Rounds. 5 Judge Panel judged top 4 Teams of the Competition. This round was extremely illuminating for the participants. The Final – Round was judged by Advocate Harsh Prabhakar and Annam Venkidesh, the practicing lawyers of Supreme Court of India. The performance of the students was highly appreciated by the guests. They were grilled in every respect and the best out of them was ensured. Valedictory ceremony was conducted in which awards for Best Memorial, Best Male Mooter, Best Female Mooter, Best Researcher, Runner – Up Team and Winning Team was given. All the achievers were awarded with a Trophy and Certificates. Moreover, all the participants were given participation certificates. Awards were sponsored by Legge Rhythms. Valedictory ceremony commenced with a wonderful show elaborating success of the competition and insights of the same. This Moot Court Competition was organized under constant vigilance and guidance of Prof. (Dr.) K.K. Geetha, Dean, School of Law and Dr. Ramesh Kumar, Moot Court Convener. They were the backbone of the competition due to which this competition was such a great success imparting knowledge in every corner to every single person involved in the same.

Rights of Women: Issues and Challenges

The School of Law, JEMTEC had organized a Special Address by Ms.Swati Maliwal, the Chairperson, Delhi Commission for Women on March 31, 2017, on the topic – "Rights of Women: Issues and Challenges". Ms. Sarika Chaudhry, Member, Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) also addressed the gathering. The distinguished speaker expressed her anguish over the atrocities towards women from all the walks of life including general public, bureaucrats and even relatives. She narrated the sufferings of the rape victims especially child rape victims and the approach of the police towards such heinous crimes. She gave shocking figures on rising cases of rape and lack of police apathy towards the victims. She described how nothing seems to have changed at the ground level in Delhi as far as police apathy towards the rape victims is concerned. Delhi has the ignominious distinction of the rape capital of India. The statics shows an alarming situation in the capital. She has elaborately discussed about the preventive measures and how the authorities would be strengthened to tackle the situation. Her narration of experience was really a thought provoking experience for our students. She further discussed elaborately about the objectives and vision of DCW and the efforts taken by DCW to empower women during her tenure. She further highlighted the rising number of cases of acid attacks in Delhi. She attributed the same to free and easy availability of acid in Delhi. She underlined the need for controlled sale of acid in Delhi. She cited the efforts of DCW in getting a policy for award of compensation to acid victims. She emphasized the need for urgent rehabilitation of acid attack victims in various government jobs and how DCW has taken a lead in employing such acid attack victim with the Commission. She narrated the pathetic state of affair of the Asha Kiran Centre for Rehabilitation of Women, run by Department of Social Welfare, where the victims of all these heinous crimes are rehabilitated. She talked at length about the shocking scenario in Asha Kiran, where women were found roaming in naked, the whole premises being monitored through CCTV managed by male persons. There was only one doctor that was coming part time for more than 800 inmates. Most of the victims are under depression and no proper after care facility is available in the centre to motivate them to come back to their original life. The shattered lives of many are at the hands of unconcerned governmental agencies. She discussed the importance of working among the downtrodden people and everybody can contribute something for their wellbeing. It is the duty of every human being to show respect to others. Her contribution toward women empowerment is commendable and each one of the audience was impressed with her social commitment. She urged our law students to be part of various programs/initiatives run at DCW and help make the world a better place to live. The discussion was concluded with a few take-away points by the students to spend some time for the needy and everybody can contribute something for the betterment of the society. At the end, the question answer session was highly fruitful. The seminar came to an end with sowing the seeds of social commitment to the audience for involving in social work.

Awareness Program on Road Safety

JIE, JEMTEC, Greater Noida have organized an 'Awareness program on Road Safety' on 17th April , 2017at M.P Hall ( 2nd Floor, Education Department). The Road Safety Awareness Program was conducted according to guidelines given by Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi. As we all are well aware that road accidents are very common now a days. The purpose of this Road safety Awareness Program is prevention and protection of road accidents by using all the road safety measures. Everyone needs to be well aware of road traffic and safety rules at a very early age to perform safer behaviors in the later life. By this Road safety Awareness Program we want to convey this message -Stop accidents & Slow down because at home our family will be waiting for us. We have divided this program in to these five sessions- 1.First session- We have started our program with warm welcome of our Director sir , Dr. R.K Raghuvanshi . Then , Director sir headed over the program with a brief description on road safety measures and their need in our everyday life . He told us that People who are not following the road traffic rules and road safety measures are the main cause of such accidents on the roads. He had also given his views that Road Safety is very important for people of all age group to be safe and secure as well as reduce the number of road accidents . 2.Second session- In this session , Director sir, HOD ma',am ,Dr. Rekha Mahajan and some B.Ed faculty members have done pledge with students based on road safety measures . 3.Third session- In this session ,two videos were shown to our Pupil teachers . First video , was based on severe road accidents & another video was a documentary movie based on effects of Road accidents on our life. 4. Fourth session- After watching these inspirational videos Ms. Himani Gajwani , Assistant Professor have given her views about rules, regulations and signs of road traffic lights for prevention and protection of road accidents. 5.Fifth session - In this session ,our HOD ma',am ,Dr. Rekha Mahajan give her views regarding importance of the road safety rules and regulations while traveling. At last, we have done National Anthem & end up this Road safety Awareness Program.


National Service Scheme, under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Govt. of India, popularly known as NSS involving 40,000 students focuses on the development of personality of students through community service. This activity plays a vital role in the welfare of the society as students help the poor people by doing an activity for them. This not only gives a feeling of emotional attachment but also helps in narrowing the gap between different spectrums of society. I,KIRTI WADHWA(Enrol:436255 02815),student of B.TECH(ECE),JEMTEC performed the DONATION ACTIVITY under NSS on 31st March,2017 in a slum area near Janakapuri. Under this activity, I donated some items like BISCUITS, REGISTERS, FRUITS etc to poor children so as to promote the importance of education and health within them. Prior to the activity, I thoroughly studied about the items that can be very essential to poor children and I found that most of the children were under-nourished and they lacked the resources to go to a proper school. Hence, I decided to provide them with study material and some healthy food items. It is said that "when you do good , you feel good" and that was what I felt that day. I was feeling grateful and as a result I vow to keep on helping such children in future and decide to make others aware of it too. The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Food Distribution Drive

As the name suggest we have distributed meal to the poor labors who are working in our college in the esteemed presence of our Dean Mr. Devendra Jha , HOD Sir Mr. R.N. Rajotiya and NSS activity Coordinator Mrs. Tanmeet Kaur and other faculty members on 29th March 2017 . Through our mid-day meal activity, our attempt is to feed the poor peoples who have the zeal to learn and achieve, but not the means. By feeding them that one wholesome meal a day, we give them the motivation and nourishment they need to pursue for a better future. It is our endeavor to reach out to every poor at the grass root level of the society. We feel extremely happy and at last we all love to say a very famous quote," You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you".

Report- Special Assembly on Good Friday and Easter Sunday

A special assembly celebrating Good Friday and Easter Sunday was conducted on 13.04.2017. The assembly was started by lighting of a candle by HOD, JIE – Dr. Rekha Mahajan followed by a melodious hymn sung by the students. The students then recited a beautiful prayer and poem in praise of Jesus Christ. To conclude, a speech throwing light on the significance of Good Friday and Easter was given by the students.

Symposium on Sentencing Policy in India on 13th April, 2017

A Symposium on Sentencing Policy in India was organised in the School of Law as part of the PSDA activity in Cr.P.C on 13th April, 2017 for BALLB VI Semester students. The faculty in charge, Prof. (Dr.) K.K.Geetha moderated the session. Sentencing the guilty has been a matter of debate in all the legal system. Our legal system watered down the theory of retribution preferring reformation as purpose of punishment. Sentences handed down by our courts often reflect retribution albeit under different names such as rarest of the rare case, proportionate sentences or by considering mitigating and aggravating factors etc. This may be one of the reasons for unacceptable disparity in sentences passed or upheld by our courts and this disparity is an acknowledged fact in our legal system. Efforts of the Judges at apex court to formulate a sentencing policy and standardization of sentencing practices have neither materialized nor have they been abandoned. The efforts taken by the Supreme Court of India during the past one decade in various cases to standardize the sentencing policy is being in debate. Through this symposium the students discussed in detail the Constitutional provisions under Article 72 & 161 and the statutory provisions under section 432, 433 and 433 A Cr.P.C and the recent judicial trend in sentencing.

Legal Aid Awareness Camp at Rampur Village, Sector 126, Noida on 2nd April, 2017

A step was further made towards the success chart of legal aid society of JEMTEC School of Law by organizing a Legal Awareness Camp at Rampur Village, Sector 126, Noida. The awareness was spread through Street plays and Speeches on arrest, rights of person being arrested and the special provision for arrest of women by students and the special lectures by the faculty members on various topics. The street plays were on dominant zamindari system and other on position of women in society. The two subject matters were highly related by the village based audience and they seem to have enjoyed the programme. The execution of programme was in planning since long and students have been preparing to their utmost potential. Organising committee has been appreciably effective and reached the spot early in the morning to ensure the smooth run of the programme and moreover the visits prior to programme were also made to decide on a suitable venue and spread information amongst the villagers about the upcoming event. The senior citizens of the village have been very kind to allow us to visit and perform. No sooner the event began crowd gathered all around and the space for audience was almost full. Viewers of all age groups witnessed the programme and of which children participated the most. Other than the plays the students discussed in detail to impart legal knowledge as to how and when they can approach courts, various court in the District to deals with disputes. The Contact number of the Legal Aid Cell of the School was provided to them and the students advised them to contact JEMTEC School of Law legal aid cell whenever they have any disputes where legal aid is required. At the end the two of senior citizens spoke to us about the programme and gave their feedback. They told us that they were very thankful to have us with them and they invited us to visit again in near future. It was a very enriching experience for the students as well as the faculty.Each one of us looks forward to many such opportunities in future.


The School of Law, JEMTEC, Greater Noida organised a One Day National symposium on Competition Law: the Evolving Jurisprudence on 1st April, 2017 wherein the experts of the industry were invited as the chief panellists. The National Symposium was aimed at bringing together the stalwarts of the industry to discuss about the prevailing market situation and the role of Competition Commission in effectively controlling and regulating the market forces. The Symposium comprised of three core sessions chaired by three distinguished guest of honor as follows:- SESSION 1 The role of Competition Commission of India as a Market Regulator, chaired by Mr. Kuldeep Kumar, Joint Director, Competition Commission of India. SESSION 2 Recent judicial trends in Abuse of Dominance, Anti-Competition Agreements, Cartels and Collusions, Horizontal and Vertical Agreements, etc., chaired by Mr. B. Naveen Kumar, Deputy Director, Competition Commission of India. SESSION 3 Competition Law – International Perspective Chaired by Dr. M.V. Shiju, Associate Professor, TERI University, New Delhi. Students were enthralled and encouraged by the welcome note delivered by the Dean, School of Law, JIMS, Dr. Prof. K.K. Geetha. She encouraged students to be active learners and value the opportunity to participate in any such value addition activities organised by the college. The proceedings of the symposium involved discussion on some of the most technical concepts related to the Competition Act. The Chair-speakers actively spoke about the procedural legislations as well as the recent trends according to the recent High Court and Supreme Court Judgments. The three sessions were deeply knowledgeable and provided students with a great reservoir of latest information in the industry. It was followed by an interactive question-answer round involving students, guests and the faculty members. It was a highly enriching experience for one and all.

Career Counseling

A Career Counseling was organized by the B.Ed. Placement Committee for the outgoing B.Ed. students on 23.03.2017 in the M.P. Hall, JIE, JEMTEC. It was conducted by premier Institute of Delhi, Academy Plus. Dr. R. Mahajan and Placement Committee Members were present in this counseling session. Mr. Prateek Shivalik, Academic Head of Academy Plus interacted with the final year B.Ed. students and made then aware of the steps to become a teacher. He gave valuable information regarding CTET preparation & pattern and also various teaching exams in KVS / DSSSB / NVS etc. Some important – skills were also focused like how to face an interview, writing a resume etc Students cleared their doubts. It was a good interacting and informative session.

Crime against Women and child

The School of Law JEMTEC had conducted a survey on issues related to 'Crime against Women and child' in Gharbara Village, Gautama Buddha Nagar on February 21, 2017 as part of the Legal Aid Programme. The students of BA LLB II SEMESTER actively participated in it. The students interacted with the villagers and discussed about crime against women and children. The causes which were covered in the survey were, domestic violence, violence against children, child labour, marital rape etc. The students explained visual facts to the Pradhan/ village head Shri. Soran Singh. The Pradhan of the village assured the students that if any case related to child or women abuse arises then appropriate action would definitely be taken. Students were accompanied by two faculties - Dr. M. N. Rahman and Dr. Richa Srivastava as survey coordinators

Legal Methods and Research Paper Writing Skill Development

A One Day Workshop on 'Legal Methods and Research Paper Writing Skill Development' was organized by JEMTEC School of Law on 16th March, 2017. The objective of the workshop was to introduce students to the fundamentals of legal research methods. At the same time, the workshop provided them with leads on how to put the research methods identified to specifics of legal writing. Research and legal writing are the foundation of every other form of legal practice and thus, it is imperative that students grasp the basics of these early on in their law school life. Ms. Ritwika Sharma, Research Fellow at Vidhi Legal Research and Policy was the resource person. She discussed all the nuances of Legal Research Writing and students were able to understand the various steps involved in legal research. The learning outcomes of the workshop is that the students were apprised to locate and utilize core legal sources in order to solve practical legal problems, to locate and analyze case law and legislation, to undertake legal research both in terms of traditional library-based research and empirical work (qualitative and quantitative) and to utilize legal databases as a research tool.

Rights of Women: Challenges in the Contemporary Era

International Woman's Day commemorates the struggles of women for their rights and on this special occasion, i.e., on March 8, 2017, JEMTEC School of law organized a one day seminar for the students on the topic – 'Rights of Women: Challenges in the Contemporary Era'. Distinguished speaker and advocate of the Supreme Court Ms. Avani Bansal was invited to elucidate the students on this issue.Ms. Avani Bansal deftly touched most of the issues with respect to the challenges that women face instead of focusing on just one aspect of misogyny. She stated that respect and concern must be shown to each and every person and not only to the two widely perceived genders that are male and female. Another class still actively fights for the place in society that most of us take for granted, that is the transgender. Her session was split into three major fractions focusing mainly on challenges faced by women in the contemporary era which stressed upon the legal framework and controversial issues. In the first segment Ms. Bansal spoke about the legal area. She stated that there are certain areas or more precisely, certain laws which need to be amended and be brought out of the 'grey area' and that there is another section of the law which exists but lacks implementation. She expanded upon this by giving various examples. First of all she pointed to an area where a law already exists, i.e., adultery (s.497 IPC read with s.198 CrPC). She said that as per this section, only a married man can sue another man for engaging in sexual activity with his wife but there is no provision for wife to sue her husband in case he gets hitched with another woman. This, as she stated explicitly is a "classical case" of discrimination between men and women. She rightly pointed out that women are still considered the property of men and this section is evidence of the same. It highlights the blatant discrimination prevalent in our society.She further spoke on marital rape which is not recognized under any law in India. She stated that after a woman's marriage her sexual will is not even considered and it is believed that marriage for a woman is tantamount to wanton consent to sex especially if she is above 15 years of age. She was solemnly pensive when addressing the issue of rape and even shared a recollection of her working days from the DCW where she met a 14 year old rape victim whose life had been shattered by this heinous crime. This victim, one among the myriad, could not simply pick up the pieces of her life and move on. She had been scarred for life. And yet the worst part was what she said afterward: that rape has become such a "common thing" that people have now become inured to it. As far as the issue pertaining to prevalent laws not being executed properly is concerned, she drew the attention of the students to the fact that the law provides for a whopping 33% reservation for women in municipal bodies and yet the execution is so weak that there is a mere dribble of women who benefit from this law. She also gave an example of a place in the north-eastern section of the country where riots broke out as conservative men refused to accept women in municipal bodies.She highlighted the fact that even in the legal profession we have only 12 women as senior counsels in the Supreme Court. She rightly pointed out that reality rarely intersects with ideals as there is little truth to the highly celebrated notions of equality under Article 14. The next issue that she addressed was the prevailing debate over Triple Talak and the conflicting opinions that rage around it. Continuing in the same vein, she spoke about honor killing and herein, she peppered her accounts with certain shocking statistics. She corroborated that in 2015, 251 cases of honor killing were reported against the relatively few 28 cases in 2014. This meant there was an 800% rise in such cases and nearly 80 percent of the cases had been reported in Uttar Pradesh.She further spoke about the Succession laws and the 2005 amendment which makes daughters a coparcener in the father's property just like his sons therefore giving her the right to inherit the same. She alluded that though such laws prevail there is a distinct lack of implementation and the core problem is a belligerent attitude towards treating women as equals. Basically it is a psychological issue and not one that can be resolved with a lax attitude in implementation of such laws. As far as domestic violence is concerned, in 2013 alone 118,000 cases were registered which marks the instance that irrefutably shows that complaints against domestic violence are much more in number than any other offence committed against women. Following this she moved on to talk about a few key concepts related to feminism and the Uniform Civil Code ,which as she correctly mentioned is not about gender laws but instead deals with a wider perspective with the notions and concepts of rights of all including women.She further shed light on this fact by diving headfirst into a critical issue: that in India, there is no place as such for women in armed forces. It is only now and after so many years with great reluctance that three women have been appointed as fighter pilots as opposed to say, America where women are allowed in combat areas without reservation. Thus Ms.Bansal focused on an aspect of the matter at hand unknown to the students and gave them an opportunity to think about the future which relates to the fact that in India domestic work is not included in GDP. If India could come up with a formula to include it in its GDP, only then would progress be manifold as most of the women in India are homemakers as opposed to those in foreign countries. As she brought this seminar to an end, she requested all the students present there to put on "Gender Glasses",as she names them, to see how much disparity exists between men and women in the society in the present times. She ended this with giving students a few take-away points which included the fact that fighting for women is not only the job of women, men must participate equally and advocate equality and must not shy away in claiming themselves to be feminists. Change is slow but it is not required for us to twiddle our thumbs while we wait for some other person to herald it, we ourselves can start doing our little bit to change what we can, to the extent we are capable of. At the end, this was by followed a question answer session in which all the students actively participated. Finally with a thunderous roar of gratuitous applause and the seeds of new ideas sown in the minds of all students the seminar came to an end.

GST Bill: Its impact on Tax Regime

School of law, JEMTEC debate Society, organised a Debate Competition on 20th February on contemporary topic 'GST Bill: Its impact on Tax Regime'. Students from all the batches participated enthusiastically in the competition. Participants were shortlisted to 11 finalists. Some of the Finalists argued for the motion and some against the motion. Students from audience highly appreciated the discussion in debate and asked relevant question to the participants.

Swatchh Bharat Campaign

School of Law students and faculty members had organised Swatchh Bharat Campaign on 30th January, 2017 at JEMTEC, Greater Noida. Awareness classes were taken by the faculty members. The students conducted an awareness programme on Cleanliness and Sanitation. They performed Skits, Speeches and songs. A cleanliness drive was conducted in the campus by all the students and the faculty members.

Financial Education Workshop for the Young Investors

On 16th Feb, 2016 JIMS Engineering Management Technical Campus (JEMTEC), Greater Noida in association with Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) a workshop was organized on "Financial Education Workshop for the Young Investors" in which students from Department of BBA participated with great enthusiasm. Workshop started with facilitation Dr. Mukul Jain by Dean, BBA&BCA, Dr. Arun Kumar Chaturvedi.Dr. MUKUL JAIN a certified financial education trainer of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) was the resource person for the workshop from SEBI. Dr Jain has been the 'Vice President-Training' of 'SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd.' and currently is an 'Honorary Director' of a Business Management institute.During the workshop Dr. Mukul Jain apprised the students of BBA about various dimensions of financial market in India & advocated how Investor is the most potential factor of financial market and new generation is a new hope at the horizon. Workshop created an impetus of financial learning & financial awareness among our students, so that they can make sound financial decisions.Dean, BBA&BCA, Dr. Arun Kumar Chaturvedi felicitated our erudite guest, workshop was accomplished with cheerful & educative environment. The vote of thanks was given by Dr. Shikha Jalota, Associate Professor, JEMTEC. HOD-BBA Dr. Arun Kumar Singh, Dr. Kr. Ashutosh & Mr. Vikram Kr. Sharma & all the faculty members were present during the workshop

StockMIND Trading Competition

StockMind is India's biggest annual nationwide virtual stock market competition for students. The idea of the programme is to educate the youth on stock market investments using virtual money. StockMind aims at being a healthy competition and also provide the participants a platform to build a virtual investment portfolio that tests participants' investment and financial skills; it further enhances personal money management component to sharpen their planning,analytical and decision- making abilities. Mr.Dishanshu made the students aware of the rules of the game and helped them to register for playing the virtual game, it was conducted in the respective classrooms, 93 BBA students participated in the competition. He gave them a brief idea how NSE & BSE work. It has benefitted lakhs of students across India. This has given our students a platform to develop and sharpen skills that are highly valued in any industry they might choose to make careers in. At this stage, they can even win attractive prizes in this game.The college of the national winner gets a rolling trophy. The national winner stands a chance to appear on national television (CNBC TV 18) and win prizes worth Rs. 50000/- and all participants see a noticeable increase in their confidence and self-esteem.

Report on Workshop by Karmbhoomi

JIMS organized Karmbhoomi event on 25th July. Ms Kanupriya, Director and Media and Creative Workshops Advisor of the show at Bindass Channel was present on the occasion. The cast of the Karmbhoomi TV series were introduced and a play depicting the VISION 2020 of Karmbhoomi movement was showcased. The play highlighted the WHO Report of decline in Mental Health of the youth of our country. The play beautifully conveyed the message that the youth should refrain from Alchohol and Drugs. It highlighted the importance of issues related to Depression and the possibility of high suicide rates amongst the youth in times ahead. After the play the Team had an interactive Question Answer round with the student audience. There were very interesting questions put up by the students who introspected and discussed the issues related to the youth of India. The students were made aware that that they should not get into smoking and Alcoholism just because their friend circle considers it cool to be into these practices. They were motivated towards not getting discouraged by the failures in life ahead. We would also be unveiling our The Internet campaign #whenIwondepression was also unveiled on this occasion where the cast of the serial shared their experience with depression. The whole event would be for approx 2 hour which would be telecast on JK24x7 channel on Sunday 8.30pm on 29th January.

Nukkad Natak- "Samaaj Ek Aaina" By Gender Champions of JEMTEC, GN on 20.01.2017

In order to promote gender equality and to increase the outreach for creating an environment that fosters equal treatment, Government of India envisages engagement of Gender Champions in all schools and colleges across the country. It is a joint initiative of the Ministry of women and Child Development and Ministry of Human Resource Development.Gender Champions are envisaged as responsible leaders who will facilitate an enabling environment within their schools/colleges/academic institutions where girls are treated with dignity and respect. They will strengthen the potential of young girls and boys to advocate for gender equality and monitor progress towards gender justice. In compliance with the initiative of Gender Champions, students of JEMTEC, performed a Nukkad Natak titled "Samaaj-Ek Aaina" on 20.01.17 to promote positive social norms that value the girls and their rights. The Gender Champions portrayed various scenarios depicting discrimination, violence and harassment inflicted on women in our society and how the new age women are beginning to fight back such atrocities. The Gender Champions concluded with a strong and positive message that a society can't develop and prosper without the empowerment of its women.

Workshop on Celebration of an Icon Cultural Figure

The workshop to celebrate lives of some iconic cultural figure was conducted by Ms. Vandana Vashistha who is a celebrity in her own right especially in the field of music on 30th - Sep - 2016.

Ms. Vandana enlightened the students about the lives and contribution of icons like Begum Akhtar, Meera -Bai&Kabir in particular by showing presentations, Videos and Audios to Indian cultural heritage. She focused on the preservation and promotion of Indian cultural.She also held an interactive and enjoyable session with all students and taught them finer nuances of singing of music.

One Day Workshop on ‘Moot Court Skill Development Training’

JEMTEC School of Law had organised a One Day Workshop on 'Moot Court Skill Development Training' on 21st October, 2016. The Workshop aims to train the members of the Moot Court Society. The trained students will be the trainers of all the mooters of the School. The workshop concentrated on improving the advocacy skills of law students to achieve standards of excellence in mooting. Mr. James. M, Partner, Scriboard, was the resource person. The importance of mooting is not unknown to law students. A debate on legal issues leads to a comprehensive and applicable understanding of legal matters in the outside world. The training program was both instructive and entertaining. Holding true to the adage "law means nothing but common sense" students were introduced to the concepts of public speaking and debating. Key elements of debating and the art of public speaking were thoroughly dissected for potential lawyers and the importance of public speaking was engraved in every student's mind. The next session delved into the importance of litigation and the evolution of the moot court and encroached upon the applicable skills learnt through harsh experience. He remarked 'winning moot court is about winning points'. Further discussion entailed that participating in mooting helps a student in his career as an arbitrator or a litigant and even in drafting as memorial making is closely related to drafting. The next session was the mooting hour wherein memorial making was discussed at length and how it must be structured. The arguments described in a memorial must be short, precise and concise. Talks on research methodology which incorporated making judicious use of resources and the importance of research in a memorial wrapped up the session by 5 o'clock in the evening. Each session was succeeded by a question round made rewarding by Mr. James M. indefatigable energy. This entire session was concluded by presenting Mr. James M. a memento and a vote of thanks by the Dean while the students and faculty watched on appreciatively. It was an enriching experience for all involved and one can only hope that a session such as this is not a singular opportunity.

Workshop on 'Legal Profession and Legal Entrepreneurship'

A one day Legal Workshop was organised on "Legal Profession and Legal Entrepreneurship" on 5th October, 2016 at JEMTEC School of Law, Greater Noida. The eminent speakers were Mr. Nikhilesh Bhargava, Head of Negotiations and CEO and Mr. Sagar Ghai, CFO at Orion Legal Services, New Delhi. Prof. (Dr.) K.K. Geetha, Dean, School of Law, Dr. Pallavi Gupta HOD, faculty members and second year students of B.A. L.L.B. and B.B.A. L.L.B were participated in the program. The Legal Workshop was a novel concept of reaching out to the budding law aspirants to understand the nuances of law and to realise the importance of the development of their personalities to keep up with the contemporary times. The workshop focused on certain key developments in the west pertaining to the creation of an artificial intelligence based attorney and Orion|The Constellation's efforts to create an Alter Ego to match up to the demands of future. The presentation was followed by an interactive session between the students and the guest speakers. It was an intellectual and enriching session for one and all.

Workshop on 'Software Testing'

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering organized a Workshop on 5thOCTOBER 2016 for all CSE Students of JEMTEC Campus on "Software Testing". The Speaker for the day was Mr. Karam Veer, Trainer from APEXTGI Noida. The Workshop began with welcome words by Ms Apoorva Jain, Asst. Prof. CSE Department followed by few words regarding the theme of the workshop and its importance and also invited Mr. Karam Veer to deliver the workshop. Student representative Ms. Sabhya presented a bouquet on behalf of JEMTEC to the honourable Speaker.

The Speaker began the session by interacting with students. In this Workshop he explained the concepts of Software Testing and the use of it in IT.The session was targeted to recipients and users of IT with an aim to train and aware the students about the need of software testing in professional scenario. They oriented the students on its policies and guidelines focusing on training and familiarizing the audience with the duties of a tester and a developer in an IT company. Software testing is an empirical investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test, with respect to the context in which it is intended to operate. It verifies that a software application meets the business and technical requirements that guided its design and development.He ignited a spark and motivated the students by presenting some interesting examples related to Software Testing. He also shared his vast experience and knowledge with students and ensured that all the students were able to understand and reciprocate accordingly.

Students gained knowledge about the what Software testing all about, various techniques and tools of Software Testing available in ther market , and the future of Software Testing as well. ATM Machine payment payment problems and possible case scenarios were discussed with students which the students listened patiently and curiously. During Question Answer session the Speaker also discussed about training and placement oppurtunities in the field of Software Testing, Software Developer and Project Admininstrator, to which students curiously and actively responded.

This was a totally interactive session which the students were thrilled to attend. Students were happy and well satisfied with the workshop.The Workshop ended with few words of Thanks by Mr. Manoj Kumar, Assistant Professor (CSE) and he also presented a Momento as a token of gratitude on behalf of JEMTEC to the honourable Speaker.

One Day Seminar on Gender Justice: A Human Rights Perspective

A One Day Seminar on 'Gender Justice: A Human Right Perspective' was organised by JEMTEC School of Law, Greater Noida on 4th November, 2016 in association with Multiple Action Research Group(MARG), a leading NGO on human right activities,Delhi. The programme was started at 10.15 am with a welcome speech by Prof. (Dr.) K.K. Geetha. The students of BA. LL.B and BBA LL.B III Semester and BA LL.B V Semester had attended the session. Ms Anju Talukdar, the Executive Director, MARG addressed the students on the topic, Understanding Human rights: Core values of human rights. She discussed the subject with reference to India's constitutional values. Gender Justice was the subject matter of the second session. The resource person shared her knowledge in various correlated topics viz., Gender and sexuality, Patriarchy, violence against women etc. in detail. There was a student interaction session with Ms. Talukdar. The third session was Making the Law Work: What we can do as active citizens. Ms Talukdar sensitised the students to raise their voice against any violence against women and the programme ended with a Vote of Thanks by Dr. Rumi Ahmed, assistant Professor JEMTEC School of Law.

Seminar on 'Value and Peace Education'

Jagannath Institute of Education JEMTEC, Greater Noida organized a seminar on "Value & Peace Education" The Seminar was conducted by Prof. (Dr.) R.D. Shukla, who emphasized the need and impotence of value s and peace in school Education. The entire education from schooling to higher education is value based. The National policy of education - 1986 has mentioned about various values expected. Peace Education includes human rights & Social justice. The Seminar was attended by Professor Dr. Rekha Mahajan HOD, JIE, faculty members & students of B.Ed Sem-I. In the end the students participated and interacted with the speaker Dr. Shukla in the question session and clarified many doubts regarding enhancing and instilling values in students.

Seminar on 'ERP and Its Implementation'

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering organized a Seminar on 26thAUGUST 2016 for all CSE Students of JEMTEC Campus on "ERP and Its Implementation". The Speaker for the day was Mr. Vivek Pant, Information Technology Analyst,TCS Noida. The Seminar began with welcome words by Ms Apoorva Jain, Asst. Prof. CSE Department. Student representative Ms. Medha presented a bouquet on behalf of JEMTEC to the honourable Speaker. After Bouquet presentation , Mr. Manoj Kumar, AP (CSE) said few words regarding the theme of the seminar and its importance and also invited Mr. vivek Pant to deliver the seminar. The Speaker began the session by interacting with students. In this Seminar he explained the concepts ofERP and the use of it in IT.Emphasiswas made on the importance of practical and theoritical knowledge required to learn and implement ERP,various types of ERP available in the market.He ignited a spark and motivated the students by presenting some interesting examples related to People soft and other ERP system we use in our day to day life. He shared his vast experience and knowledge with students and ensured that all the students were able to understand and reciprocate accordingly. Students gained knowledge about the what ERP is all about, various vendors of ERP available in ther market , and the future of ERP as well.Online payment problems and possible case scenarios were discussed with students which the students listened patiently and curiously. During Question Answer session the Speaker also discussed about training and placement oppurtunities in the field of ERP, to which students curiously and actively responded. This was a totally interactive session which the students were thrilled to attend. Students were happy and well satisfied with the Seminar. The Seminar ended with few words of Thanks by Dr. Sandeep Gupta, Associate Professor (CSE) and he also presented a Momento as a token of gratitude on behalf of JEMTEC to the honourable Speaker.

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